1. What’s up Carlton. I check out your blog a couple of times a week. Slap Bet was the most entertaining episode of a TV show that I saw this season. A TV show has not made me laugh out loud in a long time, but that one did.

    Did you watch the Black Donnelleys while it was on? I thought it was decent and had some potential, but I guess NBC didn’t see it that way. Would have been a pretty good cable show on FX or something.



  2. Hey Adam. I still have the pilot of The Black Donnelleys recorded on my TiVo. I’ve been meaning to watch it but hadn’t gotten to it yet. I knew there was a “save our show” campaign by the fans, so I figured that 1) it was a pretty good show, and 2) it was close be being canceled. I think I’ll see if I can find them for download and watch them that way. It’s better knowing the show is already canceled before you start watching, so you expectations are not crushed when it is.

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