and their Spam Newsletter

About a year ago, I somehow happened upon a request from computer case manufacturer CoolerMaster to browse their new website and provide feedback on areas where improvements were needed.  In short, the site was terrible, with coding errors, navigation issues, and worthless search capabilities. I provided feedback thinking that they would actually value it and […]

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X10 Wireless Technologies Inc. Tries to Game

I recently discovered that X10 Wireless Technologies Inc was trying to post false customer testimonials on my site. Upon further investigation, I also discovered that they “The X10 Gang” has been trying to game as well.I found 8 users that I believed to be part of The X10 Gang. I looked-up the Digg and […]

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Another Spam E-mail Source Identified: Steals from

I just received an unsolicited commercial e-mail from a company named, ironically, They did not receive my permission before sending me the e-mail. Their site states that they provide “choice / opt-out” for recipients. Funny, the spam message they sent me didn’t contain any such option. Apparently they provide “free advertising for charities.” They […]

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Update 5-September-2008:  I was contacted by the new owner of today and was told that they have completely redesigned and refocused the site.  According to the e-mail, all spamming by the previous owner has been eliminated. I haven’t verified this but hopefully the situation over at has improved since I originally posted. Original […]

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