The Palm Treo Class Action Settlement Sucks

I received a class action law suit notice a couple of weeks ago for my Palm Treo 650. Long story short: the settlement is worthless to the cosnumer and benefits only Palm and the Lawyers. Here’s a link to the official settlement site, here is my summary: You must provide proof that you sent your […]

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Palm Usability Recommendations & My Long Term Wrap-up for the Treo 650

Palm Desktop HotSync Error Message: The Selected Com Port, COM1, is not available at this time.After two years of use, it’s time to say farewell to my Palm Treo 650 and start looking for a new phone; this is my longterm wrap-up review. I’ve used a Palm OS device for the past 8 years. The OS is ancient and hasn’t received any significant updates in years, but even so, the […]

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My Treo 650 is back and working

Palm needs to get their act together. FedEx attempted to deliver my Treo 650 on Thursday, July 30 even though their website says it is still in repair and will not be shipped until July 12. At least I have it. They fixed the screen and the keyboard key. However, a note was included stating […]

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