Using QNC for Internet Access on Verizon Treo 650

Most people seem to forget that there is a free option to the Verizon high-speed data plan that uses your minutes but otherwise is free. It’s called QNC and it operates at 14.4 kbps speeds, which is fine for infrequent use. Here are the details for enabling this feature, based on info from this thread on TreoCentral Forums:

From the Palm main screen, select Preferences and then select Network
Hit the menu drop-down key, select New
Enter the following settings:

Service: QNC
Connection: Virtual Modem
User Name: qnc
Password: qnc
Phone: #777

Details… –> Advanced… –> Modify –> Script…
Send: at$qcmdr=2
Send CR: Send at$qcqnc=1
Send CR:
OK –> OK –> OK –> Connect

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