Terrible PalmOne Repair Process

The repair of the cracked screen on my Treo 650 is not going well. I paid PalmOne $190 to send in my phone and have it repaired. I was supposed to receive and e-mail from them with shipping instructions, but it never came (and no, it was not a problem with the spam blocking software on my mail server — I checked). I check the status of the repair and it says “e-mail sent”. There is no way to have it re-sent, there is no contact information, e-mail address, phone number, or anything. So I’ve basically paid $190 for a repair order number with no way to actually get the repair.

I tried to get an Advance Exchange, where I’m sent a Treo 650 and then I return my old one (for an extra cost). There is a prominent page on the PalmOne site devoted to this service. However, the page doesn’t give any instructions for actually ordering the service, it was not given as an option when I purchased my repair, and I was given no indication that I’m ineligible.

At this point, I’m very upset with Palm, enough to never purchase a product from them again. There is no excuse for customer support that is this pathetic, especially when I’m paying $190 for it.

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