Does 4K Resolution Matter?

4k resolution televisions are now widely available and potential buyers are wondering if the extra resolution is worth it. In some cases it is, but in most, it’s not.  The details below can help you decide. What Exactly is 4K (and 8K) Resolution? The older 1080p HDTV standard has a resolution of 1920×1080 (2.1 million) […]

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School Cancellations = HDTV Broadcast Cancellations

HD channel showing SD show because of cancellation noticesMy wife and I had a group of friends over last Monday night to watch the latest episode of Heroes in our HD home theater. We were all looking forward to watching the newest episode of our favorite show. But it was cold that evening and many of the local schools were on a two […]

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Visual Acuity Viewing Distance: Test It for Yourself

32-pixel by 32-pixel checkerboard image with 8-pixel by 8-pixel black & white squaresThis is a follow-up to my article on HDTV screen resolution vs a persons ability to perceive any advantage. Before the link to the test pattern, I want to make it clear that the results vary greatly with the content. With an anti-aliased image (i.e. a photograph of a person with many color gradients), it […]

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