Omniquiti Lathe – another GPL violator

OmniqitiI’ve been looking for easy-to-use software to convert DVDs to XVID files to play on my Treo 650 (using the excellent The Core Pocket Media Player). I was about to purchase Lathe from Omniquiti when I found out that it is based on Pocket Divx Encoder, which uses GLP (link to license). In the Lathe forums, those who have purchased Lathe report that also states in the help file that it is distributed under GPL. Unfortunately, according to the thread, they have basically refused to release the codes by ignoring all requests. This is similar to the tactic taken by Simple Devices, as I reported in a previous blog entry.

I have no problem paying for their software. I was getting ready to purchase it, in fact. I would definitely pay for a compiled executable because I don’t want to mess with compiling source code. However, the fact that they are not living up the requirements of GPL has changed my mind. Instead, I’ll be using the free VOB Merge to merge multiple VOB files into one and AutoGK to convert that VOB into a Xvid file. After reading the Omniquiti forum, it looks like I would have to use VOB Merger anyway, so there is really no great benefit to paying $8 to use their software.

I tried Clone DVD Mobile from Slysoft and it was extremely simple to use and also very fast. It eliminates the 2-step process of VOB Merge + Encode, and was much easier to use. However, at $39 for a license, it is a bit expensive. Hopefully there will be another discount code soon. For now, I’ll stick to the free, 2-step process. And I’ll stay away from Ominquiti regardless.

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  • Carlton Bale says:

    Slysoft just sent me A Coupon / Promotion Code, so I purchased Clone DVD Mobile. I had problems getting AutoGK to work properly, even with merged VOB files, so I’m looking forward to the easy-of-use that Clone DVD Mobile offers. (Hopefully they will add a batch conversion option in the future.)

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