It keeps getting better: Sonos software update

Sonos Controller and two ZP 80s.Last week, Sonos released software revision 2.0. This is the third time they’ve released an update in the ~1.5 years I’ve owned one. What impresses me most is that I’ve made requests in their user suggestion forum and they have implemented many of them. Customers speak and Sonos listens. Too bad more companies are not like this (I’ve been complaining to Philips about their omission of ProntoProNG button backlights for a couple of years now and no change.)

One of the coolest new features is integrated Real Rhapsody Service. Previous support was barely functional – it used a networked PC running Rhapsody as an intermediary. The new software completely integrates Real Rhapsody into the Sonos itself and it now works very well. My wife Nicole has a crazy joy from being able to access 2.1 million songs. Guess we’ll be paying $10/months when our 30-day trial expires.

Other new features includes gapless playback, an alarm clock, automatic updating of the music library (great for incorporating daily podcasts), better scrolling, better random shuffle play, and better tag support. A full list of the new features is available here. If you’re thinking of getting a new digital home music player, you can’t go wrong with a Sonos.

See my Sonos vs. Roku comparison to see why I originally chose the Sonos.

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