Dave Matthews Band – Verizon Wireless Music Center – Indianapolis – Noblesville (2002-08-10)

This is the second DMB show for Nicole and a I this summer.

The set list for this show was very similar to the setlist played in Cincinnati, with half the songs being the same. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy hearing them again — the show was excellent.

Compared to Riverbend, the sound at Deer Creek (aka Verizion Wireless) was much better. Riverbend was very muffled and overly bass-heavy where I was sitting. Plus, the low ceiling of the Riverbend amphitheater gave a very cramped feeling. Deercreek is much preferred.

The Stone is a great opener and was just enjoyable the second time of the summer (for me). Pig was great; it was the first time my wife really “heard” the song and it instantly became one of her favorites. A guy sitting beside us threw a little stuffed piggy on the stage but didn’t really get much of a reaction. (Neither did the person who threw full cup of beer on the stage, barely missing Matthews. Good thing for that person that they were not sitting beside me – I hate this type of behavior.) Grey Street again caused a huge smile across my face; this is my favorite of all the “Summer So Far” songs.

Bartender was dedicated to the death of a young person named Ian. This was about the only understandable speaking from Matthews between songs and everyone was quite for this dialog. A nice touch. The performance of the song was very similar to Riverbend, including the keyboard and penny whistle solos at the end.

One Sweet World was a good play of an early song and was a fairly standard representation. Fool To Think was a song I unfortunately overlooked on it’s album release. After hearing it in concert twice, I see I was wrong to do so. Lots of energy and great sax -> violin riff. I’m glad my eyes have been opened. The Dancing Nancies into contained the Talking Heads verses of “This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautifuler wife”, which were a hit with the crowd.

The encore was the best part of the show for me. This is the first time I heard Greavedigger and I was very impressed. Very unique lyrics, a great repeating refrain, and a strong conveyance of personal reflection. I really need listen to this song some more. It also made me realize how much I miss the ‘Dave and Tim’ concerts; I’m really looking forward to the solo performance by Matthews at Farm Aid. What You Are is another song I overlooked on the Everyday release. It is not as great of a DMB tune as Fool to Think, but it is a great closer. Probably because it sounds so different from most other DMB music. It acts a musical conclusion due to the change in style.

In all, the atmosphere was more laid-back than the Cincinnati performance. Neither show was the type that had the crowd roaring with energy as I have experienced a few times in the past — although this in not to be expected every time. The exit process did not take us very long and the stop at Stake and Shake for a Chili Mac Supreme hit the spot.


Dave Matthews Band
August 10, 2002
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN

The Stone G1
Pig G1
Grey Street G1
You Never Know G1
Rhyme and Reason G1
Grace Is Gone G1
So Much To Say …> G1
Anyone Seen the Bridge? …> G1
Too Much G1
Bartender G1
One Sweet World G1
Stir It Up (Tease) G1
Fool to Think G1
Dancing Nancies …> G1
Warehouse G1
Loving Wings …> G1
Where Are You Going G1
Two Step G1
Gravedigger ~ G1
What You Are G1
G1 Butch Taylor
When The World Ends
Stir It Up (no words- tease)
You Never Know
~ Dave Solo

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