2003-08-08 – Dave Matthews Band – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati

Nicole and I made the trek to Cincinnati to see DMB. For some reason, I decided at the last minute that we needed to see two shows, so I ordered tickets last minute on Ebay. As we arrived at the venue, I was surprised by the gravel parking lots, the abandoned carnival we walked through to get to the stadium, and the cramped feeling of the amphitheater; it’s big so why does it seem so small? Before the show started, I ran into my brothers high school girlfriend Heater – I was trying to figure out why I knew her; I knew I recognized her but couldn’t understand why I couldn’t place her in my accounting class. Then I realized, I shouldn’t be thinking Columbus, Indiana, I need to be thinking Elizabethtown, Kentucky! I felt like a moron. Oh well.

This Riverbend had a set list consisting of several of the best songs from the latest album and many of older songs that are among my favorites. I heard What Would You Say live for the first time I could remember, but it wasn’t the musical highlight of the show.

The first peak for me was lyrical finale near the end of Grey Street. That’s when the concert began for me. I heard Living Wings for the first time; a great highlight of the sax but I’m not sure I like it that much. The Big Eyed Fish -> Bartender was somewhat standard fair. The long lull of the groaning violin as Matthews switched guitars really built anticipation. Butch Taylor’s keyboard work at the end of the piece really adds a lot of value to this song.

Dancing Nancies was my favorite part of the show. I love the song, I have some great memories from when I’d heard it live in the past, and those memories were proven to be as great as I rememberd them. This is probably my favorite DMB song to hear live, espicially when Boyd Tinsley is ON. There are always subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences in his solos. This particular performance was more of a driving rythm. Two Step had an very long keyboard display that allowed Butch Taylor to shine. The total song length was about 15 minutes and led the audience through highs, slow sections, and virtuoso solo displays. A perfect end to the main protion of the concet.

Watchtower, a regular closer, showcased Stefan Lessard on the bass, as has been customary for several years now. His opening solo was more pronounced and clear than when I heard it played two years prior. A nice evolution of his intro. A perfect ending to a show showcasing both old and new.


Dave Matthews Band
August 8, 2002
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH

Crush G1
What Would You Say G1
When the World Ends G1
Captain G1
The Stone G1
Grey Street G1
You Never Know G1
Everyday G1
Loving Wings …> G1
Where Are You Going G1
Big Eyed Fish …>
Bartender G1
Dancing Nancies G1
Proudest Monkey …> G1
Satellite G1
Fool to Think G1
Two Step G1
Digging a Ditch G1
All Along The Watchtower G1
G1 Butch Taylor

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