Dave Matthews Band – Deer Creek Music Center – Indianapolis – Noblesville (1999-06-23)

A Thursday night show and I couldn’t find anyone to use my second ticket. At the last minute, a friend from work (Nancy Enzinger) decided she was up for it.

We arrived just a little before the show started but still didn’t get great near-the-exit parking.

This setlist is what every current Dave Matthews Band fan wants to hear, with the exception of an encore of Long Black Veil. I know it’s a Johnny Cash tribute, but it doesn’t really fit with everything else. But the rest of the setlist is so strong, it doesn’t matter.

Dave Matthews Band
June 23, 1999
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Seek Up …>
Heartbeat …>
Pantala Naga Pampa …>
Drive In Drive Out
Crash Into Me
Two Step
Pay For What You Get
Don’t Drink the Water
Help Myself
Lie In Our Graves
All Along The Watchtower
Long Black Veil
Tripping Billies

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