Dave Matthews Band – Deer Creek Music Center – Indianapolis – Noblesville (1999-06-24)

I attended this show with by friend Chris Harlow. I got some pretty descent seats in the lower pavilion through the Warehouse.

This is the summer of Dave Matthews Band. The first two shows sold out on the first day of ticket sales. Because of this, a third show added to the beginning of their previous 2-night stint. But I didn’t make it to that one because I figured 2 was enough.


Dave Matthews Band
June 24, 1999
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

One Sweet World
Jimi Thing
Best of What’s Around
Proudest Monkey …>
For the Beauty of Wynona
Dancing Nancies
The Song That Jane Likes
Too Much
Warehouse …>
Ants Marching
Typical Situation
Drive In Drive Out

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