Scuba Ninja!I was searching for a last minute costume to wear to Oz’s halloween party. I hate spending money on costumes and I apparently hate planning ahead. I’m searching through the closet and then a brilliant idea (perhaps based on Diggnation Episode 66??) came to me. ScubaNinja! I quickly pulled out my 0.5 mm Scuba skin, […]

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Oktoberfest 2006

I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.  Nicole really deserves the credit for putting together such a fun evening — I mostly just helped out however she needed.  I had a great time visiting with old friends and meeting some new people as well.  I was a little disappointed that I […]

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Theater 1 Digital Projection: Kerasotes ShowPlace 16 in Indianapolis

DlpCinema.gifAs soon as I walked into the theater and glanced up at the trailers on the screen, I knew that I wasn’t watching film.  I immediately suspected that I was looking at the output from a digital projector. Digital projection was first introduced in many cities a few years earlies, but not in Indianapolis.  I […]

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USGP: Mad at Michelin

I finally have something to talk about that is automotive-related. It started out as the best F1 USGP weekend I’d had. I’ve attended all of the previous races but this was the first year I took advantages of the activities surrounding the race. The police-escorted drive sponsored by Porsche Club of America through downtown was […]

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Using the Internet to Stay in Touch from Abroad

During my recent trip to China, I was surprised at how the internet kept me in such close touch with the US. In both hotels in which I stayed, broadband internet was available. Neither was close to being as fast as the cable connection I have at home, but I was able to check e-mail, […]

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Meeting new people (from my wife’s work)

Nicole and I traveled to Indianapolis to have dinner at one of her co-workers houses and it was very enjoyable. The food was great and the conversation was better. It’s fun to meet new people and have enjoyable discussions. I just hope I didn’t bore anyone with my occasional engineering or computer talk. I knew […]

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New job, starting back to school, Father’s Day visits

I’ve created my blog page, a sort of public online diary. I’ve just started back to school. I’m doing pre-reqs for my MBA program that starts in the fall at the Kelley School of Business at IU/PUI in Indianapolis. So far, I hate giving up 2 nights per week for class plus lots of study […]

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