New job, starting back to school, Father’s Day visits

I’ve created my blog page, a sort of public online diary. I’ve just started back to school. I’m doing pre-reqs for my MBA program that starts in the fall at the Kelley School of Business at IU/PUI in Indianapolis. So far, I hate giving up 2 nights per week for class plus lots of study time, and this class is in Columbus, I can’t imagine the drive to Indy will make things better. But, if I don’t do it now, I never will. I should be workig on homework now but I’m not.

I’ve created a new website,, to help others upgrade their tivos. I shouldn’t devote the time to work on the site but I am anyway. I like this sort of thing.

I’m officially starting my new position at work tomorrow. It’s part-time for 2 weeks (split with my old job) and then will become full time after that. Lots of changes with starting school and all.

I traded a few e-mails with Steve Jenkins today. I’d seen his name on the site several years ago. It turns out we have some common interests (home theather, tivo, sports cars). He’d visited my (out-of-date) web site several weeks before. The net is a smaller place than you would think.

I talked to my dad and left a message for my step-dad today (fathers day!). We had dinner with Nicole and her family (parents, brother+wife+daughter, sister) and then went out for frozen yogart at Kaites. The weather was beautiful and the top was down on the convertible.

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