1. I received the following e-mail from the very nice manager at ShowPlace 16:

    Thank you for the email! I love the digital projector as much as you do! And let me tell you – it is much easier for us too! You just press a button, and away it goes – you can skip chapters, rewind, fast forward, pause….just like a DVD player. And the picture is awesome! You can never scratch a print or get dust marks like you can on film, and it never gets that bouncy look like film can. Also, the sound will never diminish in quality like it does with film prints that have played for awhile. This is because on film, there are sprocket holes on the side of the film and this is how the film is pulled through the projector. The Dolby Digital soundtrack is actually located in between these sprocket holes, so the more the movie is played through a projector, the more those holes get wear and tear on them – hence, your sound quality is not going to be the best that it can be. But, if you ever are dissatisfied with the sound in any of our theaters, please alert a manager and we can make sure everything is working as it should. Sometimes, the processor does not kick into Dolby Digital on its own, and all we need to do is push a button. Or, we can always turn the volume up for you.

    I also agree with you about the screen. The reason that you see the vertical lines on the screen is because it is actually a silver screen, and it also came in sections that had to be put together. The darker screen shows those lines more that a normal white screen would. The silver screen is necessary for 3-D movies, so that is the reason that we have it. Also – I think the other issue you were talking about might be the screen puckering at the top. It wasn't installed correctly the first time, and we are still waiting on the company to come out and fix that – but it will be fixed in the future. Please call our direct line in the future to be sure what is playing on our digital projector, or it is also listed in our Indy Star ad. 784-0989.

    Thanks again!

    Complex Manager
    Showplace 16 – INDY 8381

  2. I overall enjoy Kerasotes theaters. I love the seating, both that it is stadium seating and that the arms flip up. I wish there was one as close to me as the Galaxies at 96th Street, but I do have a Kerasotes across the street from work now.

  3. I was looking for a digital theater near Muncie to see the new up coming
    Indiana Jones movie being released on Mat 22. (George Lucas is shurley doing this in digital since he is one of the pioneers in this field). I got your info on a web search and allready called and asked questions about your theater. I was curious though ,if the problems that the previous critic talked about have been addressed.. Looking forward to seeing the new Lucas film in your digital theater. Greg Wilkins Muncie In.

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