1 week until departure for China

I’m no where close to being ready to leave. I have 2 weeks of school but left but only one week to complete all of the work for classes as well as pack and prepare for China. The classroom activities have prepared me as well as can be expected for the hotel pricing consulting that the team will be performing. We won’t really know anything until we get to Dalian and experience the assignment first-hand. By the way, we will be consulting and staying at the 21st Century Hotel in Dalian, China. Dalian is located in the northwest of China, on a peninsula with Beijing to the west and Korea to the east.

The packing is not going to be too big of a deal as long as I get all of my travel papers and some basics. I’m more concerned about keeping somewhat in touch with the US because 3 weeks is a fairly long time to be away. I’m bring an external hard drive with a few movies I’ve ripped, a few shows from my TiVo, and some music, just in case I need to relax for a while. I’m also hoping that my Vonage VoIP PC software will work so that I can call home easily and vice versa. Since I don’t even know if I have an internet connect there, that could be a problem. I’m also planning to bring a wireless router so that the group can share an internet connection if we happen to find one.

With one week left, I should be completing my multiple homework assignments instead of typing about them. Too many classes, too little time. . .

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