1. Hi,
    Thanks for this detailed info.
    I am planning to buy car sub-woofer within the reasonable price. My budget is $200. Is it possible to buy quality within price? I am little bit confuse about that. Because I don’t have well knowledge about that.
    Do you any recommendation or suggestion?

  2. Whoa! These are incredible! I can’t imagine I’d ever have the time or patience to do it myself, but it’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind when hiring someone to install my home theater in my new home!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the feedback! Having enough bass has never been a concern with these…

  3. These are awesome. You have described the Amplification of DIY Subwoofers in a great way. I’ll consider these in future.

    On the other hand, I am looking to upgrade my subwoofer within a budget of $1000. Do you have any suggestions for me? I am already using SVS SB-2000 and completely fed up with this.

    1. Author

      The SVS SB-2000 is a fantastic subwoofer, especially for the price. Your comment doesn’t make any sense given positive “review” of the SVS SB-2000 on your website. I think you’re just spamming trying to get traffic to your site, so I removed the link to it. If you want a meaningful discussion, please post a better comment.

      1. Actually, you have mis-understood with my comment. I told that I am using SVS SB-2000 for so long and just looking to upgrade to a better one. I never said that SVS SB-2000 is not good, its perfect. I just like to upgrade my gadgets to enjoy better ones.

        As the technology is growing rapidly so we should keep updating ourselves too. By the way, thanks for your efforts.

  4. SVS subwoofers are really great. I am using from the last 2 years.

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