1. A very good action list, but to get everyone’s attention from the start, I would add the deep see explosions of the movie U-571 🙂

  2. The launch scene from Contact with Jodie Foster has always been one of my favorites.

    1. Author

      I haven’t watched that movie in a while. I have it on DVD and haven’t make the upgrade to Blu-ray. I need to check it out again.

      Tangent: As I remember it, Jodie Foster’s character keeps saying “Everything is 5 by 5” in that scene. I’ve heard that in other movies as well (Apollo 13?), and I know it means “all is well”, but I’ve never figured out the derivation of the term why it’s used. It must be somehow related to an aviation checklist.

      1. Stumbled across this while link chasing. In case you hadn’t found the actual answer, “5 by 5” is a subjective radio quality measure, where each number is an indicator of signal strength and clarity on a 1 – 5 scale. 5 by 5 is as good as a radio signal gets. 4 by 2 would indicate a relatively strong signal but garbled voice, etc. Kinda similar to a MOS score for telecom voice maybe?

  3. HULK: Scene where big guy escapes bunker and is first attacked by tanks, takes a nap, then gets chased by helicopters. Ends with him taking a nap. (From what I can remember.)

  4. Two of my favourites:

    1. The opening narration and Sauron’s death from LOTR: FOTR. The “shockwave” at Sauron’s death is sub-sonic and will test your Sub quite nicely. You will feel the sound before you hear it!

    2. For working out the surround speakers, one of the initial fight scenes where beans are thrown on drums and the woman is pretending to be blind from House of Flying Daggers

  5. Very nice collection of scenes!
    Is it possible to upload it some of those files, so we can have it when we demo projectors/tvs?

  6. I would add the first battle from Master and Commander. Amazing sound and tense lead up.

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