The Best Home Theater Demo Scenes

I’ve created stand-alone clips for demos in my home theater.  Instead of switching discs and skipping chapters, I’ve created/edited video files that are stored on my media server and played-back using a Home Theater Personal Computer.

I think the ideal demo scene is comprised of the following:

  • lots of action
  • some setup before the action so viewer isn’t lost or thrown-into the action too abruptly
  • some humor
  • and of course, great audio and video

Here are some of my favorite demo scenes. Most are edited clips taken from my Blu-ray disc backups, but some are (still) standard-def versions from DVD backups.

Serenity: Firefly takes on the fleet with help from the Reavers (but stop immediately after Wash says “I am a leaf on the wind. Watch me soar.” for the last time.)

Air Force One: The dogfight scene (MiG-29s attack Air Force One, F-15 counter-attack)

Iron Man: Suits up and flies to the desert, frees hostages, blows-up tank, attacked by F22s

Spider-man 2: Abduction of Mary Jane from coffee shop, fight with Doc Oc on the train, stops the train

Superman Returns:
Superman saves the crashing plane.

The Matrix: Neo/Trinity gunfight in the lobby, infiltrate building and save Morpheus, helicopter crash.

Kill Bill: The final sword fight between Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, starting where Uma steps out on to the snow and the music starts playing.

Casino Royal: Opening chase scene.

Quantum of Solace: Opening chase scene.

Transformers: Scorpion fight in the desert; also the opening scene.

The Dark Knight: Joker/armored truck chase scene in the tunnel; also the opening scene.

Star Wars Episode 3: General Kenobi vs. General Grievous (unfortunately, there is a cut to another scene half-way through the fight. I created a demo version and edited the other scene out.)

Star Wars Episode 2: Jedi battle at the Geonosian execution arena; Yoda vs. Dooku light saber fight.

Toy Store 2: The opening sequence of Buzz Lightyear vs. Zurg.

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