1. Thank you Carlton for all the information, but as a beginner the information you provided is little bit overwhelming. I am currently using a 27 inch crt tv and planning to buy a new one. And as everybody else, i am confused with the wide array of different technologies, and options in the market. I have decided to either go for 46 inch LCD or PLASMA and I am not able to decide on the resolution, whether I should go for 720p or 1080P. I don’t play video games and just use my tv to watch movies and other tv programs. I saw some questions in this forum about there are not enough movies or tv programs coming in 1080P. Would it be waste if i go for 1080p at this point? Or if i buy 720p, am i going for an old technology?

  2. Ram: All digital displays use progressive output, so every input (whether is it 480i or 1080i) is deinterlaced and displayed progressively. This is true for all digital panels. Also, 1080i inputs can be perfectly deinterlaced to produce the original 1080p signal. Since there is a large amount of 1080i content available, have a 1080 panel is worth it. Don’t get confused by the p/i because everything comes out 1080p on flat panels.

    In regards to which resolution to pick, higher resolution is always better. But if you sit far, far away from your TV, there is no need to waste money on higher resolutions. Look at my 1080p Does Matter – Here’s When (Screen Size vs. Viewing Distance vs. Resolution) article to figure out the seating distance/resolution/screen size recommendation.

  3. Got to disagree with the statement that there are no motion artifacts with the 120hz LCDs. I have been viewing a lot of sets lately at the stores and while the 120hz LCDS are better than the 60hz versions they are still way behind the better plasmas in this regard. I looked at 120hz LCDs from LG, Sony, etc and none came close to Pioneer’s 5080 plasma for motion accuracy. If you watch sports or action movies – stay away from LCD, you get a nasty smearing effect with rapicd motion.

  4. Devon: Thanks for that info; I’d written this prior to the 120 Hz sets being available and hadn’t had a chance to review one. I’ve updated the post based on your feedback.

  5. Just Purchased a Panasonic TH50PZ85U and the glare from my rear windows/sliding door is very noticable on both the screen and black piano finish.

    Once you get caught up in a show you don’t notice it. No one in my family notices it except me.

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