1. omg really? “For those that don’t know, the newest Philips remotes and base stations are based on Linux.”

  2. Well from my understanding they couldn’t fully get the script to work on the ipronto. I would have love to have windows MCE or Vista/7 features but first off seems the community for this is very limited and only a very select few are even capable. There is a great forum topic in the Remote Central Forums under the ipronto about hacking it and what could and couldn’t be done to it. good read infact here is the link: http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/mboard/rc-ipronto/thread.cgi?692

    I hope for more support out there.

    1. The iPronto never really lived up to it’s potential. I’m not sure why Philips didn’t give it much love and attention, but it never reached its potential. But it looks like they got everything right with the new TSU9400 and TSU9600. I just got a 9400 and I’m very impressed; it’s the best Pronto by far that I’ve owned.

  3. Carlton,

    I just got the TSU9400 (to replace my dying TSU2000), and (other than lousy documentation IMO) am quite impressed. The ProntoScript was just a bonus, not something I considered essential when buying it, so I’m just now looking into using it. I’m not as interested in using ProntoScript to communicate with stand-alone components (DVD player, pre-pro, etc.) as I am in using it to execute system commands directly on my HTPC (for example, launch a batch file, execute a perl script, etc). Do you happen to have an experience along these lines? An example script would be great (still searching google). Thanks.

    – Scott

  4. Author


    Unfortunately, no I haven’t done anything like that. The closest I’ve gotten is using a dedicated key combination to launch a program, etc., using either a shortcut or AutoHotKey. The RemoteCentral.com Pronto Forums is a good place to start; Philips has pretty good training as well, but getting approved as a “dealer” to get access to the training is a pain.

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