O.A.R. – The Lawn at White River State Park – Indianapolis (2006-07-13)

O.A.R. on Stage at The Lawn, White River State Park, Indianapolis at SunsetSetlist
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It’s July and perfect July evening and Nicole and I meet-up Luke and Michelle Shiver for our trek to downtown Indy. Michelle and Nicole grab chairs to take out to the grass while Luke and I park at the Zoo and walk back.

Michelle Shiver, Luke Shiver, Carlton Bale, Nicole HarterWe arrive fairly early but center section of The Lawn is already pretty well packed. No worries, we sit close to the front on the right hand side, with easy access to refreshments and restrooms.

The show is great. Being in the front row at an small indoor venue is my favorite way to see a concert. But relaxing in the grass and enjoying a nice summer evening has it’s own advantages.

Carlton Bale and Summer Night Refreshments!The best surprise of the show was the cover of Elvis Costello’s Watching the Detectives. O.A.R. brings a great sound this song and the show download it worth it for that alone. The rest of the song was pretty much as expected and the crowd was obviously having a great time.

Luke was disappointed by the omission of Black Rock and we were both a little surprised with Poker was played and it wasn’t the finale, but you can’t expect a band to play ever song in the same order every concert, so who cares.

IndyI would be remiss if I didn’t mention a showing by one of our favorite local performers, Aisle Dancing Dude. Yes, we’ve seen him more than once at local concerts we’ve attended. He’s always dancing up and down the aisles. You go Dude!

It was a fun summer evening with a beautiful sunset behind the stage. An enjoyable performance from a great band made it a perfect night.

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