1. Hi Carlton,
    I used to be a Google Reader user and experienced some of the same issues you mentioned above..until I switched to illumio. http://www.illumio.com. I like using illumio (www.illumio.com) as my feed reader because it keeps track of what I’m interested in and then alerts me to a new feed article that’s matched my interests. So instead of sifting through 300 to 400 articles a day (like I was doing with Google Reader), illumio delivers 20 to 30 “relevant” articles a day. Love it.

    I have to admit though, I’m currently working for the company but I wouldn’t recommend illumio unless I thought it addressed some of the issues you experienced. Try it today!

    1. I’m a huge google fan, but I too have had most of the issues mentioned.
      I sure wish they would fix them. It looks like the illumio site no longer exists, I guess I will have to find something similar.

  2. I HATE google reader… simply because they keep every LAST post that I have made on there even when I have DELETED it from my blog. There are some things I WISH I could conceal from people but DAMN… they don’t clean or regulate a gotdamn thing in the feeds and that aggravates me SO much. You can’t clean the feeds from YOUR OWN blog, you can’t manage them, place restrictions, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There are some things I don’t want everyone to see, but in this case what ever anyone finds through google reader I have to just bear whatever criticism I might get… ALL THANKS TO GOOGLE AND NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO BE AWARE OF THIS FLAW… which makes it so incredibly upsetting for me because I know it will never be addressed. Makes me wish I had thought twice before even setting up my blog.

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