Mozilla Thunderbird Add-ons:

Thunderbird Add-onsMozilla Thunderbird is my favorite e-mail reader. I had some problems with the 1.5 beta, so I’m still using version 1.07. Here is a list of my favorite extensions:

  • Header Scroll Extension: If you enable “view full headers” in Thunderbird, the list is way too long and you don’t even have space to view the body of the message. This extension solves that by making the header area scroll.
  • Track Package: Highlight a package tracking number, right-click, and select track. It figures out the shipping service and automatically takes you to the correct status page with no intermediate steps.
  • Virtual Identity: My favorite extension because I have multiple e-mail addresses on my domain forwarding to one in-box. This way, when I respond, it displays the original address the message was sent to instead of my “catch-all” e-mail address.
  • Remember Mismatched Domains: I e-mail server uses SSL encryption for login. The SSL certificate is a generic certificate for the server, not for each individual domain hosted on the server, so I got this annoying mismatched domain error message every time I connect to check my e-mail. And then I found this extension and it eliminated that annoyance.
  • Update Notifier: Automatically checks for updates to Thunderbird, to extensions, and to themes.

Wish List for Thunderbird: I wish I had the time to figure out how to code these. This is what I feel is missing from Thunderbird:

  • Prompt to Save when Sending E-mail: When you hit the send button after writing an e-mail message, this would ask you if you want to save a copy in the sent folder. Much better than the save nothing or save everything setting buried deep within current configurations.
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  • Antarius says:

    Again, I concur with your thoughts on an auto-reporter for Thunderbird. The BlueSecurity aka Blue Frog (R.I.P.) button was a joy!

    I’m hoping that perhaps the plugin can be modified for use with SpamCop, optionally sending to the FTC.

  • Antarius says:


    Someone has done exactly what I was going to do tomorrow! They’ve modified the BlueFrog plugin for Thunderbird to send to SpamCop!

    Here’s the announcement:

    Or the direct link to the plugin:

    There’s also a discussion going on in the forums at SpamCop:

    Hope this helps you, and anyone else that might come across this Blog!

  • Carlton Bale says:

    I agree that it is unfortunate that Blue Security was blasted into oblivion by the spam kings. I never got to use Blue Frog, but it must have been working for it to have been attacked the way it was. There is some talk of a decentralized replacement, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.

    I'd give up on using SpamCop, as it was a little cumbersome to manually forward all the e-mail.  Now that there is a new plug-in to automate the process, I'll probably start using it again!  Thanks for the info!

  • Benjamin says:

    Hi Carlton,

    Not sure if you’re still into TB add-ons, but if you are then maybe check out this one: EagleEye.

    You can use it to sort your contacts by the number of messages received/sent or even by gender. It also tells you who hardly every replies or who you currently still need to reply to. Kinda interesting to find your “lost friends” with one click.

    Anyways, I like it.

  • Carlton Bale says:

    Wow, that looks like a very useful plugin — I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the info!

  • minikperi says:

    Thank you for the informations.

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