INXS – Aronoff Center – Cincinnati Ohio

INXS - Aronoff Center - Cincinnati OhioSeating Location: Third row in the center.

This is my second INXS concert in two months. I never thought I’d be doubling-up on INXS, but the first concert was a total surprise and I’m back for more.

I was expecting the concert to be pretty much identical to the previous concert. I was impressed that it wasn’t. These guys are a real band. Not only was the setlist extremely different, but the songs they did play were not the same. They weren’t afraid to stick an extended bridge in here and there. The music was just as great as the first show, but the added perception of how they approach it made it even better. I respect any band that can write their own lyrics and music and perform it well live. These guys are the real deal.

Kirk from INXS signing Nicoles vintage t-shirt.After the show, I talked to one of the concert hall workers and found out where the stage entrance was. Nicole and I headed out there and she befriended a security guard and able to get a very favorable spot. She respectfully got all of the original band members to sign her vintage 20-year-old KICK World Tour t-shirt. It made her night and mine as well. I was very proud of her for doing it.

Link to thread discussing the show.

Opening Act Dirte Blonde: Great voice from the lead singer, great harmonies with the bass player, great band. Too bad the album samples didn’t sound very similar.

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