1. Carlton – this story gave me chills! I thought of the many times I’m exhausted after caring for 4 kids & soak in the tub when Dave is out of town. I won’t be doing that anymore.
    I checked out your site to see if you had anything on PC gamepads – you are so far over my head – gamepads are way too simple for you to list! ha. Would you believe my oldest son will be 7 in a few weeks? He is showing an interested in computer games & I thought a pad would be more enjoyable than just the plain keyboard for him. I found logitech gamepads rated fairly well.
    I hope you & Nicole are doing well – enjoying Indy life. We completed our family last year with a girl! She is 8 months and the Princess of the house!Her brothers are 2 1/2; 4 1/2 & 7. Never a dull moment!!

    Take care! Great job with your website too!

  2. Hi. Does your wife snore at night? I can’t help but to think that she wasn’t breathing under water. She may have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A prominent symptom is drowsiness during normal waking hours. If she habitually stops breathing repeatedly while sleeping, then it might explain how you found her in that position. 5 minutes? If she does have OSA, then she was probably awake and then fell asleep about a minute before you walked in (which would explain the confusion on her part–one minute she’s enjoying the bath, the next you’re in her face). Just a suggestion. If it sounds like a possibility, get her referred for a sleep study. You never know. Take it easy.


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