MusicMatch Jukebox Sucks

I’ve been using MusicMatch Jukebox as my main media player for at least 5 years now and I purchased a lifetime upgrade long ago. Today, I’ve decided to abandon it for several reasons. First of all, I found a bug that can delete music files when using the supertagging feature. I lost half of two different albums and music management software should never do that. Secondly, I’ve purchased about 100 DRM-protected songs from them. Many of these song are mis-tagged and there is no way for me to edit the tags. For example, some are “Norah Jones” and some are “Jones, Norah” and want them to be under the same artist name. Finally, there is no support for radio stations sent to the networked music players I’m testing and there is no music subscription service either. Real and Yahoo! seems to both offer more flexible software.

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