Day 15: Company Tours in Beijing

Doug and I got up early to see Li off. It was so sad having the first team member depart because we’d grown so close over the past few days. Just before she got into the cab, she gave Doug and I a hug. It was an extra long hug, which made it more endearing. Everyone in the group missed her during the day – and not just because she was such a great interpreter.

We had meetings with the Indiana Department of Commerce, Bakers and Daniels, Pacific World Trade, Visa, and Alison Transmission. Baker and Daniels impressed me the most and Alison impressed me the least. Edward Williams of Daker and Daniels had a quote that impressed me the most. “I didn’t want to be a lawyer in the 1800s that saw all of the opportunities and growth in the West and still decided to stay in Philadelphia.” Jun went with us and drove half the team; they had some difficulties finding all of the destinations.

We met at the VIP lounge upon arriving to the hotel and exchanged pictures. We have about 750 MB worth! Dinner wasn’t necessary because of all of the snacks. Brian, Garrett, and I finally visited the Sauna for some heated relaxation therapy — highly recommended the day after the wall. We’d talked about “Sauna” so many times at 21stCentury; it was nice to finally indulge. Afterwards, we headed to the hotel bar and met up with new friend from Bakers and Daniels again; he bought us drinks and provided us with some very interesting conversations. We headed back to our rooms, looking forward to a day that would allow us to sleep late.

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