1. Some of you are on the right track. You went so far as to lookup their registration information.

    What nobody seems to have realized, is that the Internet is a network. What that means is that everybody relies on everybody else. In particular, each and every host must get their “feed” from their “uplink”. If you sever the uplink, the host dies – or must at least find another uplink – at which point you sever it, again and again until they finally give up and/or nobody will help them.

    The place to start is with their Name Servers. Figure out who is giving them name service. Contact the admins of the name servers. Ask them politely to help – be nice, be respectful – they may not be aware of what’s going on.

    Several possibilities can result from this. 1) They agree to help and cut the offender loose. Problem solved until they find a new provider. 2) They may refuse to help. If such is the case, politely inform them that you will contact THEIR provider and let their provider know they are helping a spammer to violate CAN-SPAM (and other) laws (it helps to include contact info. for their provider, that will rattle them). Above all, be polite and respectful, keeping emotion out of it – be professional. 3) Sometimes a host will have it’s own name servers. Frequently a poor design decision, but it happens quite often. If such is the case, things become a little more tricky. Since I don’t know how long of a message I can leave here, I’ll continue in another message.

  2. Actually, after doing a little research on them, and thinking about what to write, I’ve decided that rather than write up the semi-complex process of how to go about finding the right people, to just do it myself and post the results.

    The accredited registrar involved is dns.com.cn It would help greatly if you speak Chinese as well as read it, which case you can go to a whois server and type in dns.com.cn Here are the results:

    Checking server [whois.cnnic.net.cn]
    Domain Name: dns.com.cn
    ROID: 20021209s10011s00017988-cn
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registrant Organization:
    Registrant Name:
    Administrative Email: litao@dns.com.cn
    Sponsoring Registrar: ¸
    Name Server:ns1.dns.com.cn
    Name Server:ns2.dns.com.cn
    Registration Date: 1999-06-07 00:00
    Expiration Date: 2008-06-07 00:00

    The garbage characters are Chinese. Which is why I say it would help if you read and speak Chinese (and have the proper display software on your computer).
    Their web page is here: http://www.dns.com.cn/

    In any event, you’ll notice the admin address is: litao@dns.com.cn

    This is the person to complain POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY to. As mentioned in my previous message, they may be unaware of what’s going on – and in fact, probably are unaware. All these people do is register addresses – just like godaddy does. The main difference is that these are the TOP LEVEL people for Chinese domains. ROOT SERVERS if you know what that means.

    Everybody should write to them. A sample message:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to bring to your attention a problem with one of your clients – emailmarketingassociates.com They are responsible for millions of SPAM emails all over the world. They are forging email headers and promoting these same services to others for a fee. They do not respond to emails to their admin address, nor do they respond to phone calls. They continue to abuse the Internet and are disprectful of the rights of others. ( They are in violation of your own spam policies. ) If you do not remove their domain your organization will lose face in the eyes of the world, as being co-consipirators in their illegal activities.


    (your name)

    The above is again, just a sample but similar wording should probably be used that gets the same point across.

    If someone who speaks and reads Chinese could check out the above mentioned website and review their policy on spam it would be helpful to include mention of the fact that their own policy is being violated.

    More in the next message…

  3. If enough people complain to the previously mentioned address with a similar letter (but written in your own words and style) it may help. Give them 2 or 3 days to respond and then complain again.

    Assuming the registrar is cooperative, this process must be done over and over each time the spammers make a domain name change.

    Finally, if the registrar is uncooperative, we have to pull out the big guns.

    First, remind the registrar that ” Use of Whois data to send spam is a violation of every ICANN-accredited registrar’s terms of use for Whois data.”

    (You may want to include that note in the original message you send to the registrar, and that “you believe that Whois data was used as the source of address data for this mailing.”)

    Next, you state to the registrar, that you will be contacting ICANN to encourage ICANN to REMOVE dns.com.cn as an accredited registrar, as they are not fulfulling their obligations as set out in their accrediation agreement. You then wait for their response. Give’em a week.

    If the response is not satisfactory, then we all start a letter writing campaign to ICANN, urging their removal. If enough people write, ICANN should hopefully concede and remove them. It may require going to ICANN meetings in person. It will probably be a long slow process. But, eventually, over time it should probably work.

    It’s best to get the registrar to take action, rather than ICANN. Much, much easier. Going to ICANN is a measure of absolute last resort and ideally should never have to be done.

    Keep us all posted with your efforts.

  4. Of course, a much more FUN solution, being as how the perpretator is known to be Robert Allan Soloway, is to 1) go to his office, 2) go to his house and/or 3) call; and politely offer to sell him your products and/or services. I suspect, when a line of 1000+ people show up at his home and office on a daily basis, he will eventually see the light of reason. Make sure you comply with all local laws regarding solicitation.

    Simply knock on his door or ring the doorbell. Let him know what you’re selling. If he’s not interested, walk away. Wait until he closes the door, then the next person walks up. Any normal person will go nuts after the first day and best of all, you haven’t violated any laws.

    You can also request to use his bathroom, use his phone, ask for a drink of water, a donation to your favorite charity, question him regarding an article you’re writing, a survey you’re taking, etc. Just don’t harrass him or otherwise break the law. If he has dogs that bark at you, call the local animal control and report it. If he calls the cops, let them know you have business there and you’ve never knocked on his door before so you couldn’t be harrassing him – as would be indicated by the solicitation laws you’ve researched for his local area.

    Also, it doesn’t hurt to write him lots & lots of polite & respectful letters. No threats or you’ll be violating some law.

    And finally, there is of course the class action lawsuit path to take.

    None of the above should be construed as endorsement to violate his rights or any laws and you should be very careful not to do anything illegal.

  5. I am trying to contact the owners of the sending ip addresses I am getting the mails from. some say to contact ” ********@theirdomain.com/net/org…etc “. Is this even a valid email address to send to??? The astrics are of verying lengts but still in each domain but still…..

  6. I’m getting this email now too and found your site and all the others. I’d be the first to offer funeral services to these people. They do nothing to help the network and hinder all who try to make things right. They should be lined up against a wall and shot.

  7. I’m also flooded with these mails (faked from my own address)

    I found out exactly the same than you, via whois.
    But this doesn’t help, the mailaddresses given in whois are not valid,
    mailing to this anti-social creature results in:
    ‘after 4 hours your mail was not sent to receiver’.

    So the only thing we have is a DoS (denial of service attack) to the
    webservers we all can see in the spam mails.

    I’m running a program connecting permanently his webservers at port 80 and
    put trash to him (PUT … trash.html)
    The program loops in a neverending while, hence I can observe
    what happens whithout having stress on my side.

    Of course because I have no write access to his server,
    I permanently get the answer
    “Bad Request (Invalid Verb)”

    At the moment I got one of his serves a little bit slower,
    His responsetime sometimes increases a bit, but after a short moment
    he is fast again 🙁
    I think, we should flood his servers together with many people.

    What do you think ?

    greetings to all other victims

  8. PS: of course I know that possibly the given domains

    may be be located on other innocent providers servers,
    but since this psychopathical animal
    seems to have his own nameservers, I hope that also his webservers are
    located at himself.

    So a possible DoS probably (hopefully) will NOT attack innocent provider

    Do you agree ?

    What else can we do ?

  9. The web servers are all, most likely, just zombies like the mail senders. I have not looked N2 it “yet” though to verify over time if the web servers stay the same.

  10. Keiser: thanx, I see, this will be no solution.

    Ramin & Bryan: Your found mail-addresses (Ramin’s found flaw)
    unfortunately all are NOT valid

    With this following little script you can immediately check if
    the mail-address is valid,
    if your outgoing mailserver is configured to check the recipient!
    Connect to your outgoing mailserver via telnet and directly talk smtp to him:

    typing smtp by hand would look like this
    (after each line please wait for the mailservers acknowledgment)

    telnet yourOutgoingMailServer 25
    helo nameOfYourCurrentWorkingMachine]
    mail from:
    rcpt to:
    stop this shit !

    (Hint: the “” around the addresses is mandatory !)

    You can put it in a script to automate it for loops.
    To be sure to get mailservers acknowlegment, I use some sleeps.
    For example the given text is stored in a script called “mail.txt”

    sleep 1
    echo helo [name of your current working machine]
    sleep 1
    echo “mail from:”
    sleep 1
    echo “rcpt to:”
    sleep 1
    echo data
    sleep 1
    echo stop this shit !
    sleep 1
    echo .
    sleep 1
    echo quit

    Then call the follwing (on a linux system for example)

    ./mail.txt | telnet yourOutgoingMailServer 25

    But whatever I do,
    I see, that the …mailshack.com addresses are not valid.

    After typing
    rcpt to:
    rcpt to:

    I get this answer:
    550 unknown recipient: contactsupport
    TIMEOUT, there is a problem detected, please try later

    Sometimes it takes long time to get this answer, my mailserver
    has to check the address and sometimes he is running into timeout.

    So at the moment I’m very frustrated.
    Nothing seems to work

    Of course if we once find a valid address, the given script can be used
    to flood the a…-hole (simply use it in a loop)

    Hope that some of you have any other good ideas

  11. shit, I forgot that my lessthan / greaterthan signs were filtered out !

    so it will look like

    mail from:lessthan YourmailAdress greaterthan
    rcpt to:lessthan contactsupport@mailshack.com greaterthan

    (no blanks/whitespace between address and lessthan/greaterthan signs)


  12. The purveyor of this SPAM i sRobert Soloway; listed high atop the lists of professional spammers.

    He uses false information in hi sWhoIs information so people can’t do to him what he’s doing to everyone else; farming email addresses from ICANN.

    Keep an eye on this site:

    They have been tracking Soloway for some time. Robert Soloway lives in Seattle, WA, so if anyone has the opportunity to pay him a personal visit I think the entire Internet will applaud you. Apparently he hangs up on people asking to be “opted out” of his SPAMS, he’s even been sued by Microsoft but has somehow managed to elude paying a dime to them. A shady character who has admitted in court that when customers pay for 20,000,000 “broadcase emails” that may actually get as few as 10,000 sent after paying for the larger number.

    The best bet is to use proxy IP addresses and place phony orders on his website. Eventually, after about 200 fake orders, he posts a page saying your IP is blocked. Grab a new proxy and hit him again. It’s time well spent while maybe listening to a baseball game or something that doesn’t require your visual attention. I do it twice nightly, and I’m sure eventually his credit cards will drop him for making too many chargebacks.

  13. The website is just one of many. Don’t bother trying to track down the WHOIS data on the domain name… it’s all forged. The spams that you are receiving is all from one person: Robert Alan Soloway of Seattle Washington. Soloway is one of the worst spamnmers in the world and sells illegally harvested email addresses. He has opened scores of websites and they usually end up getting shut down after a few weeks but he just goes on and opens more. Some fo these are newportcorp.cn, advertisingemailcorporation.com, emailadvertisinginc.com, permissionemailcorporation.com, broadcastemailingagency.com, broadcastemailinc.com, emailadvertisingcorporation.com, broadcastemailgroup.com, theemailbroadcastingcorporation.com, broadcastemailcorporation.org, emailsolutioncorp.com and countless others.

    There’s plenty of info on that criminal, and it’s amazing that he can spam so freely within the USA. Just do a Google search and you’ll find plenty about that scum.

  14. Blah. It would appear not one of you read messages 41 through 44. If you read it, then you didn’t understand it. If you didn’t understand it, then why didn’t you ask questions? If you understood it, why didn’t you do it and post your results here?

  15. to Dudely:

    Yes you are right, some of us (including me) did NOT really understand what you said.
    And after I understood, I’m honest, I could not really realize and accept it 🙁

    It was a desperate try to do something against this ” f…ng a…hole ” immediately !

    And it is really hard to understand, that we can NOT do anything against him
    in a fast and quick way 🙁

    When Robert Soloway is so powerful, that even MS is fighting against him,
    we all should follow your hint and sent polite and respectful mail to the
    respective admin addresses.

    I’ll do this right now and will inform you whenever something happens …

    Thanx again

  16. to All:

    Just for your information:

    after sending the polite and respectful mail (in my own words) to
    litao@dns.com.cn, …

    … I immediatley (5 seconds) received an autogenerated answer mail with the following content:

    From: litao@dns.com.cn
    To: webmaster@o-possum.com
    Subject: Re: worlwide spam problem with client registered by you


  17. OK, at least someone actually tried. It would help if someone had a friend or spoke Chinese themselves to translate it. It could be a vacation message. It might say to contact someone else at a different address. It might say F-off. There’s no way to tell. If nobody here speaks Chinese, and nobody has a friend who does so, then I’m sure there’s a forum or other newsgroup where Chinese gather, and someone who would be willing to translate for us. Simply give them the email address and let them get the auto-response themselves, unless you can present it in the original Chinese (you have to have the proper display software installed).

    That’s the ideal way to start this off. If we know what it says, we can tailor our next step accordingly. I know everybody is in a rush, so I guess y’all are going to skip that step.

    In that event, the next step is to go over the head of that administrator, and complain to HIS feed, that you can’t get any cooperation from him, just an auto-generated message that isn’t at all helpful.

    Being as how they are an accredited registrar, the only recourse at this point is for ALL OF US to go to ICANN’s website and file a complaint AGAINST THE REGISTRAR.

    If ICANN receives enough complaints, they might be inclined to take action and VOID that registrar’s accredidation.

    More in the next message.

  18. Start here http://wdprs.internic.net/ by filing a complaint, that the Administrative Email contact, litao[at]dns[dot]com[dot]cn is merely an autoresponder for the domain dns.com.cn and not a real person. Also complain that there is no technical contact information whatsoever.

    Everybody should file this complaint. The more people that file, the more attention they’ll pay to it. We need at least 200 people to file.

    Don’t bother explaining the spam issue, it’s not important at this level and will not be addressed. You’ll just be ignored if you complain about spam. This is not the proper place to complain about spam. The effort here, is focused on getting a real person to respond to emails addressed to that address. In the long run, nothing will come of it. But that’s OK. The goal here is to establish a trail of non-compliance with ICANN’s own policies, that each registrar signed. That gives ICANN the legal authority to kick them out. What we really want, is for ICANN to pressure dns.com.cn to boot any and all spammer domains, but we have to do it the long way around. This is that way.
    ICANN needs in its hands, a list of complaints in order to file a lawsuit.

    More in the next message.

  19. Next, go to http://public.icann.org/help and READ the page. UNDERSTAND the page. Then register for an account. Start posting your spam complaints. BE POLITE. Be legible. Be coherent. Be professional. ICANN is reading your posts at that page, and no other. Inform them of the entire problem in a professional and well-written manner.

    Finally, as a potential last step: contact the following attorneys about a class action lawsuit against 1) the spammer, 2) the registrar (dns.com.cn)

    These are the attorneys ICANN themselves use to initiate lawsuits. I would recommend only contacting them if in fact you have a list of committed people willing to pursue a class action lawsuit. DO NOT HARASS THESE PEOPLE or you will find yourself in a world of legal hurt. I seriously doubt they will work for free. Be prepared to pay a whole lot of money should you decide to go the legal route. There is no guarantee they will take the case, however in my opinion they are best suited for it as they already understand many of the issues involved – that’s a huge benefit.

    Jeffrey A. LeVee (State Bar No. 125863) jlevee [at] jonesday [dot] com
    Samantha S. Eisner (State Bar No. 230344) seisner [at] jonesday [dot] com
    555 South Flower Street
    Fiftieth Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90071-2300
    Telephone: (213) 489-3939
    Facsimile: (213) 243-2539
    Attorneys for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)


    dns.com.cn has changed their whois data. It is now:

    Address: 20/F,Block A,SP Tower,Tsinghua Science Park Building 8,No.1 Zhongguancun East Road Haidian District,Beijing 100084,P.R.China, Beijing, China 100084, CN
    Phone Number: + 86 10-82151122
    Email: vgrs@dns.com.cn
    Whois Server: whois.dns.com.cn
    Referral URL: http://www.dns.com.cn
    Admin Contact: Wei . Li
    Phone Number: + 86 10-82151122
    Email: liwei@dns.com.cn
    Admin Contact: April . Hu
    Phone Number: +86-10-8215-1122
    Billing Contact: Wei . Li
    Phone Number: + 86 10-82151122
    Email: liwei@dns.com.cn
    Technical Contact: Feng . Zhai
    Phone Number: + 86 10-82601212
    Email: zhaifeng@dns.com.cn

    The proper email addresses to politely complain to are:


    Address one email to all 3. Wait 48 hours for a response before moving on to the next step.

    Post any responses here in the event they do in fact respond to your POLITE letter informing them of the problem.

    I’ve rewritten the sample letter. This one is MUCH better.

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to bring to your attention a problem with one of your clients – emailmarketingassociates.com, who has been registered by your organization. This domain is responsible for millions of SPAM emails all over the world. They are forging email headers and promoting these same services to others for a fee. They do not respond to emails to their admin address, nor do they respond to phone calls. They continue to abuse the Internet and are disrespectful of the rights of others.
    I believe that Whois data was used as the source of address data for their mailings. I would like to remind you that use of Whois data to send spam is a violation of every ICANN-accredited registrar’s terms of use for Whois data.
    The exact terms from the agreement are:
    3.3.5 In providing query-based public access to registration data as required by Subsections 3.3.1 and 3.3.4, Registrar shall not impose terms and conditions on use of the data provided, except as permitted by policy established by ICANN. Unless and until ICANN establishes a different policy according to Section 4, Registrar shall permit use of data it provides in response to queries for any lawful purposes except to: (a) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission by e-mail, telephone, or facsimile of mass, unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations to entities other than the data recipient’s own existing customers; or (b) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that send queries or data to the systems of any Registry Operator or ICANN-Accredited registrar, except as reasonably necessary to register domain names or modify existing registrations.
    You are hereby notified you are in violation of this section of the agreement you signed.
    If you do not remove their domain from your DNS servers your organization will not only lose face in the eyes of the world as being co-conspirators in their illegal activities, but I will have no other option than to report your refusal to cooperate to ICANN, and urge ICANN to revoke your accredidation agreement for being in violation.
    (your name)
    The above is again, just a sample but similar wording should probably be used that gets the same point across. As some people may be aware, the Chinese are big on “face” and honor, which is why I added that phrase – I wouldn’t use it if the registrar were Americans or Europeans, etc.
    Anyway, it’s likely that the above should have a magical effect. The only problem is, it has to be done every time a new domain pops up.

    In the event the magic doesn’t happen, the only recourse is to contact and petition ICANN to remove dns.com.cn as an accredited registrar. They may pressure the registrar to remove the domain, and/or they may revoke their accreditation. Of course, ICANN will need massive pressure from we, the people in order to do such a thing. It’s best if the registrar takes action instead.

    Also, it’s best to constantly check WHOIS to make sure you’re writing to the most current email address. Those addresses are current as of April 12, 2007 but could change at any minute.

  21. A final word.

    I only listed one domain in the above email. It’s best to include a complete list of those used by “the spammer who I shall not name”.

    Make sure dns.com.cn is still their registrar – they may have already been kicked, in which case you should write to the new registrar instead of dns.com.cn

    Also, as mentioned, make sure you’re always working with current whois data, it could change at any time.

    Also, I missed one of the addresses when I summarized. There are actually 4 addresses listed above. Feel free to add it to your CC list.

    Good luck. Keep us informed of your progress on all fronts.

  22. Oh, one more thing.

    It’s best if you can provide proof that what you’re saying is true. Email body, headers, whois data, etc. Establish the trail that leads back to the spammer when you write your letter. It will be much more effective – otherwise why should they believe you?

  23. To Dudely:

    Principally I agree with you, but
    Isn’t there the “danger” that the more text we write the more boring the reader will be ?

    I (for my own) would not be happy if I have to read an email with 500 lines of text.
    I estimate the number of lines at a first glance, and when too many, I throw away.
    Not interesting…

    In my opinion, the text should only contain what you originally said in your quotes 41-44.
    The “face” and “honour” of chinese people, … ok, thats right, but, this will not
    work (I guess) if the text is too long. Your first proposal was quite good.

    I think our only chance is to be as many complain-“writers” as possible.
    If thousands of people complain, the text-content of the complain gets less important.
    More important is, that we are enough people who complain.

    What do you think ?

    This was my text (used your proposal of course,
    hope my English is not too bad … 🙂

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to inform you about a problem with one of your clients:

    he uses for example the following domains:

    – emailmarketingassociates.com
    – emailsolutioncorp.com
    – emailbroadcastauthority.com

    and a lot more similar domains…

    This client is responsible for millions of SPAM emails all over the world. He is faking email headers and promoting these same services to others, some of the victims suffer from more than 100 spam mails per day. This client’s admin email address in “whois” is faked, he does not respond to any try of contact, nor does he respond to phone calls. He is abusing the Internet and is disprectful of the rights of others. ( He is in violation of your own spam policies. ) If you don’t remove his domains your organization may lose face in the eyes of the world, as being co-consipirators in his illegal activities.

    and politely waiting for a feedback
    best regards

  24. Why not just flood your state representatives? These people are in China, the worldwide home of piracy. What do they care? Send letters to the BBB, governor, mayor, atty general, et al in Seattle and you’ll probably get faster results.

  25. Funny! They are in Seattle! I live in Seattle! What do you guys want me to do to them? I’d like to piss on their door for all the messages they send me!!! 🙂

  26. Try this.
    1. Load Google AutoFil with fictitious information.
    2. Whenever you get one of these emailmarketingassociates.com spams, use the AutoFil to answer the email.
    3. Let the spammers use their resources to run the fictitious information.
    4. If everyone does it, maybe that will annoy them a bit.

  27. Here’s the Outlook 2003 solution to DELETE the spam:
    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    with yourname(at)yourdomainnameDOTcom in the sender’s address
    and with 7,500,000 in the body
    delete it

    Note: The yourname(at)yourdomainnameDOTcom IS what you see under the FROM in your Inbox.
    Good luck!
    Kill the spammers! All of them!

  28. Response to Msg 63:

    I have no real disagreement with you, however it has been my experience that when you show someone you have a very real ability to affect them, they listen much more closely. I have used the procedures I outlined to affect problem users in years past. My first email of “Please help” didn’t work. My second email of “Please help or I’ll have you shutdown and here’s proof that I know who to contact to have it done” did. People react when you show you’re serious and that you are in a position to hurt them.

    (Please note, that the registrar’s info. went from incomplete to complete very quickly, because I took the time to complain to ICANN about a DIFFERENT registrar. I assume ICANN then checked all registrar records (there aren’t that many) and issued warnings to all registrar’s not in compliance.)

    It is very easy to delete even 1000 msgs. However if ONE of those msgs says “I know where you live and I’m watching you” and then provides the correct address, that is ONE SCARY MSG! That single msg will have more effect than all of the other 999 pleading for help.

    And so, if you demonstrate to the registrar that you understand how the system works, and that you’re serious about affecting their business (read “income”) and know the proper steps to actually do so, this is much more effective than “Ow… I’m in pain… please help me.”

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  29. One other point. I believe that the Chinese registrars are authorized by the Chinese government. So, in the event that the registrars lose their accredidation with ICANN, their gov’t will ask WHY?

    The answer, will probably not please the gov’t. Therefore, the people who are running the registrar might possibly be EXECUTED. No joke. They did it to a bunch of bankers over there, there is no reason to believe they won’t take this situation just as seriously.

    And that my friends, is much more incentive to do something about the spam, than any other reason anyone can provide.

    Based on the lack of posts here stating otherwise, it would appear that nobody is truly interested in doing the small amount of work it would take to fix the problem. Clearly people would rather complain than work. Such is life.

    Now you know the secrets of the Internet. Use them or don’t, it’s your choice. But don’t complain if you don’t use the knowledge I’ve provided you with.

    One last item of note. http://www.knujon.com claims to be having an effect on spam sites.

    Project Honeypot also has some interesting information http://www.projecthoneypot.org

    You may want to join one or both, they’re free.

  30. Preach it brother Dudely!
    Lead us uninitiated lead by the unknowing into the light. ;D

  31. Keiser, I hope we are able to let the discussion stay constructive ;D

    Dudely, maybe we both are right. We should merge “the proof we can stop you”
    with “only using a few words”

    One try with your long version
    and after that the following:

    One of your clients is abusing the … internet.
    (Millions of spam from emailmarketingassociates.com and similar domains)
    If you don’t stop him. you are complicit in his illegal activities.
    You did’nt react on friendly words.
    If you again don’t react, we are forced to contact
    ICANN which will stop you.
    Best rgards.

  32. The discussion has been quite constructive, for me at least. After following Dudely’s advise, the spam bastard has only gotten 1 in this week as apposed to as many as 10-20 a day. So once again I say; “Preach it brother Dudely!” :> I have also implimented your advise, preemptivly as it were, by using a smaller “nicer” version. This almosty always works with anly a few exceptions. I am working on an intermediate version also. ie. “Nice”, “Not sooo nice” and “BOOM!” :> Only had to use BOOM! on 1 so far because as stated “Nice” works.

  33. The discussion has been quite constructive, for me at least. After following Dudely’s advise, the spam bastard has only gotten 1 in this week as apposed to as many as 10-20 a day. So once again I say; “Preach it brother Dudely!” :> I have also implimented your advise, preemptivly as it were, by using a smaller “nicer” version. This almosty always works with anly a few exceptions. I am working on an intermediate version also. ie. “Nice”, “Not sooo nice” and “BOOM!” :> Only had to use BOOM! on 1 so far because as stated “Nice” works.

  34. Ooops sorry for the double!!

  35. It’s actually best if you put things into your own words. However, the paragraph I copied was from the ACTUAL AGREEMENT that all registrars must sign.

    When you quote that paragraph, they assume one or more of the following 1) you’re associated with ICANN (hey, you didn’t say you were, it’s not your fault they made the wrong assumption) 2) you know what you’re talking about and/or 3) you have the power.

    If you’d like to thank me, 10% of your earnings may be sent to: brotherDudely@brotherDudely.org

    Just remember to always check WHOIS immediately before emailing your complaint, as you never know when changes will be made.

    One further interesting item of note. Some of you in the USA may remember when the junk fax law was created. Congress – until a certain point in time – couldn’t care less about junk faxes. Then, some people made sure that certain members of congress were put on certain junk fax lists. When congress became inundated with junk faxes, they passed the law. Suddenly, they understood.

    I certainly wouldn’t advocate putting any registrars on anyone’s spam lists, but if it were to happen, said registrar would probably be more likely to situp and take notice of said spammer. In fact, that would probably Nip it in the Bud!

  36. So what other world problems can I help you all solve?

  37. Ramin & Bryan: Your found mail-addresses (Ramin’s found flaw)
    unfortunately all are NOT valid

    I emailed mailshack, and requested that this email address (contactsupport@mailshack.com) be shut down.

    They said that they have had problems with this company in the past, and have removed them before. So, if you ever find that one of this company’s email addresses are attached to mailshack, just email mailshack, and they will remove it.

  38. Keiser: Sorry when I misunderstood you.
    Your comment to Brother Dudely sounded so ironical.
    Sorry again, my English is not good enough to understand all little things between the lines …

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