1. Next time you want to come and experience Alaska, send me an email first and I’ll tell you where the fish are running, what to bring (a mosquito head net for example), and what to leave behind (go with the bear spray and leave the hand held cannons at home, it weighs less and is much more reliable at stopping the bear).

    I hate it when visitors don’e have a good experience in this Great State!

  2. I am planning to visit Alaska this year by motorcycle from Vancouver. This trip has been made that much more difficult since I recently moved back to Toronto to be with family.

    It’s nice to read about the different adventures that people have when they travel this far north to either fish or hike (or do both as Carlton Bale has done. For me I want to experience my 2 greatest passions — motorcycle travel and fishing.

    The comments by Jim A are the rule rather than the exception in these areas. Everyone goes out of their way to help whether you are in major trouble (vehicle breakdown) or just being inconvenienced (lack of ice for beer). Every time I travel to the great white north I have similar experiences.

  3. Looks like day 6 paid off for you. I need to plan a trip very soon….

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