1. What time of the year did you get out there for the salmon fishing? I heard it’s the best in the fall out there?

  2. I was there the last week of June. It was a bit early for Salmon fishing, they just started running that week. I think you’re right, July/August would have been a better time for anyone primarily focused on fishing.

  3. Oh nice adventure!I love salmon fishing. What is the best month for salmon fishing in Alaska?

    -Macky Bugay

  4. I would love to be able to fish Alaska sometime, it is such an untouched fishery. I would like to be up there sometime for the salmon runs.

  5. I’ve gone salmon fishing here on the Oregon coast before, the rivers have wonderful opportunities, but I’m sure Alaska has much wilder fishing than here. I’d like to head up there eventually…

  6. We are planning a trip to Alaska – When is the best time to fish?

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