10 Years of Porsche Bliss

10 years ago today, on July 25, 1998, I took delivery of my 1999 Porsche Boxster. During that time, I’ve experienced 43,000 miles of top-down convertible bliss. My rule-of-thumb is that it should be driven only with the top down. I don’t want to be one of those top-up-on-a-beautiful-day people. Early each year, I look forward to first clear day above 40 degrees so that I can put the top down, the collar on my jacket up, the heated seats on, and enjoy the brisk prelude to spring.

I’ve been determined to keep the car throughout the changes in life that typically cause owners to part with their toys. Luckily my wife feels as strongly about keeping the car as I do (it provided us transportation for our first date.) So it’s stayed despite the fact that I’ve gotten married, moved, and had a kid.

The two competing parts of my personality are sentimental attachment and the need to upgrade to the latest technology. So far, the sentimental (and financial) forces have won out. Still, someday, I could envision replacing my aging model with one that offers vehicle stability control, a dual clutch transmission, more powerful engine, and upgraded electronics. But for now (perhaps for another 10 years?), I’m happy with the Boxster I have. Unless I figure how to keep my current vehicle and make room in the garage for a new one. . . (a win-win for those competing forces.)

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