The State of 24p Playback on a Home Theater Computer

To get the best video quality playback possible for movies in a home theater, it’s necessary for the refresh rate of the source component to match the refresh rate of the display. One of the most common problems stems from the fact that most movies are 24 frames per second while most televisions are 60 […]

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The State of Blu-ray Lossless HD Audio in Home Theater Computers

Note to readers: this information was current as of early 2010. Since then, ATI, Intel, and Nvidia have all released video/audio solutions to allow bitstreaming of the original Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio streams with the use of playback software such as Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre. The below content, from early 2010, is for historical […]

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Premium HDMI Cables – Don’t Waste Your Money!

HDMI CableLast week, I received an e-mail from a friend asking about a home theater quote. I looked over the component list and was impressed with the quality components and the reasonable prices — until I saw the following line item: HDMI Cable – 5 meters – $129 I pointed to him to an equivalent $8 […]

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