Scuba Ninja!I was searching for a last minute costume to wear to Oz’s halloween party. I hate spending money on costumes and I apparently hate planning ahead. I’m searching through the closet and then a brilliant idea (perhaps based on Diggnation Episode 66??) came to me. ScubaNinja!

I quickly pulled out my 0.5 mm Scuba skin, gloves, and scuba mask/snorkel. I found a ski mask in the coat closet that I acquired during my 1999 winter field testing in Bemidji, MN. I grabbed my black house shoes. I went to the basement and searched around for the replica Ninja sword I bought in 7th grade. I quickly dressed and yelled to Nicole I was ready to show her my costume.

What happened next was unexpected. She opened the bathroom doors to see my costume and I decided to add some flair. The room was dark, I jumped up in the air, drew the sword, and shouted “ScubaNinja!”. I thought the ridiculousness of my costume would have her on the floor laughing. I was not expecting her to scream in terror, slam the door, and run away!

There is a lesson to be learned here. Do not underestimate the might of ScubaNinja!!!

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