My Treo 650 is back and working

Palm needs to get their act together. FedEx attempted to deliver my Treo 650 on Thursday, July 30 even though their website says it is still in repair and will not be shipped until July 12. At least I have it.

They fixed the screen and the keyboard key. However, a note was included stating that the modem could not be programmed properly and that I would not be charged for the repair. My initial thought was: “Great! No charge!” Then I tired to use my phone. It crashed / rebooted continuously as soon as I turned the phone on.

I noticed that they installed the Sprint 1.08 update even though it already had the Sprint 1.12 update loaded. Long story short, I was able to fix it after many hours of searching, firmware loading, etc.

Edit: Looks like I spoke too soon. The case isn’t even screwed back together and you can see inside! What the heck — it’s going back. . .

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