My New Amplifier: A Sherbourn 7/2100A

Sherbourn 7/2100a AmplifierI finally purchased a new piece of Home Theater Equipment!  I’m the proud owner of a new Sherbourn 7/2100a 200 watts x 7 channel amplifier.  This is the first step in replacing my 8-year old Onkyo receiver.  First the new amplifier, then the 2 new in-wall Sonance Cinema Ultra II SUR surround speakers to go from 5.1 to 7.1 surround, and then finally a new Anthem AVM-50 receiver to give built-in video processing and true 7.1 sound.  (Still don’t know when that one will be available.)

I know, I just got something new, and I’m already talking about the next thing.  But it’s a system, and a progression.

I had originally considered a Gemstone Blue Diamond amplifier, but the Sherbourn is rack mountable (with some optional ears) and I got it for a great price.  I’m going to be using it almost exclusively for home theater, so I don’t think I would have any complaints about the sound of either amplifier.

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