More thoughts on my Treo 650

It figures, just a couple of weeks after I convert a Sprint Treo 650 to Verizon, Verizon announces that they are going to carry it. Oh well, at least I’ve been able to get a few extra (early) months of enjoyment. I’ve tried to get by with not using a case or belt clip because my wife thinks phones look terrible when worn on your belt. However, it’s now fallen out of my pocket about six times and three of those were on tile or concrete, so I order a belt case from I also ordered the Treo Wireless Bluetooth headset and the PalmOne pen/stylus.

The most useful software I’ve installed is SplashID. It allows me to store and encrypt all of my passwords and has a great PC interface in addition to the Palm app. Minutes Plus is a nice free app that tracks and estimates my total minutes usage for the month. It works well but since I upgraded to more minutes each month, it isn’t as useful. My wife uses most of our shared minutes anyway. Butler allows for some nice customizations of the Treo, such as turning-off the blinking LED, but I don’t use it as much as I thought I would. I like using Versamail to automatically download my personal e-mail from my IMAP server but has had some unexplainable crashes and often forgets account settings; guess I need to try Snapper mail. I would purchase a Verizon Express Network plan, but it is way too expensive. I’ve just been using minutes only with the slow (14.4 kbps) Verizon QNC network. It works fine for checking e-mail and infrequent web browsing.

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