John Mayer – Verizon Wireless Music Center – Indianapolis – Noblesville (2007-06-30)

John Mayer 2007Nicole and I planned for one last concert together before Ainsley Day arrives. We arrive at Verizon Wireless Music Center around 9:00 and it was still another hour or so before John Mayer took the stage, a consequence of two opening acts.

This was the third John Mayer concert we’ve attended in the past 5 years and the musical growth of Mayer is evident. From roots as a soulful acoustic artist in 2000, to a somewhat over-produced top-40 star in 2003, to a mature and bluesy artist now, it’s been an interesting and rewarding evolution.

I was surprised how much focus there was on the newest album in the set list, with only three songs from his first two albums (Inside Wants Out is still my favorite) being played. The focus is definitely on the newer and more blues-focused pieces. And this is not a bad thing. He is expressive enough and talented enough with a guitar to make it work.

Good Love is On the Way is one of Mayer’s better song in recent years and was one of my favorites from this concert, but Gravity is the one that could listen to again and again. Why Georgia was a crowd favorite, although the beginning where he played 10 second clips from 4 other songs from the same album was a bit confusing and anti-climactic.

After the underwhelming Tower of Power-style horn section of the Heavier Things tour, I was a little worried by the Sax and Trumpt player on stage. But they were welcome additions after hearing them play. The trumpet especially added some mood to the more bluesy tunes.

The encore was somewhat anti-climactic. It was mostly acoustic, which is generally a good thing, but they were not the songs I was hoping to hear.

Based on an interview on 92.3 WTTS, John Mayer’s next album with be solo acoustic. Now that, I’m looking forward to hearing.

Set list: link
No Such Thing
Good Love is On the Way
I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Bigger Than My Body
Dreaming With A Broken Heart
I Don’t Need No Doctor
Why Georgia
Waiting on the World to Change
— encore —
Slow Dancing (acoustic)
Stop This Train (acoustic)
I’m Gonna Find Another You

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  • poker rakeback says:

    I cant wait for Johns new album in November. I already love “Taking on Water” and “Half of My Heart” Im sure this will follow in line with his previous albums and stay in my cd player for months after the release.

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