HT Day 5: It’s no vacation

I took my first real vacation day of the entire year today. I used up the rest of my vacation during a school-related trip to China this summer and it sure was nice to have a 3-day weekend. Nicole was off from work as well and we got started early on house-related projects. I worked on the platform again and though I would get the whole thing finished, but then realized that it would take more work than I expected with the rope lighting and tactile transducers. I decided to vibration isolate the top of the platfrom from the base so that the tactile transducers would be more effective; I used 1/2″ thick pipe insulation. Kyle arrived aroud 6:00 and he and Nicole started pulling RG6 cable through the ceiling to the rack location. The soffit was about 90% complete at the end of the night. It seems like we worked all night but didn’t have much to show for it.

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