Heroes Picked-up for a Full Season, Veronica Mars Still in Limbo

The television show Heroes is every geeks favorite new show. Yet everyone I know seems to be afraid that, because they like it so much, it almost certainly be canceled in a Firefly-like fashion. Not so. Heroes has already been picked-up for a full season by NBC. Because this happened so early, this pretty much guarantees a second season in my opinion. Also, it’s the highest-rated new drama in the key 18-49 demo. So stop worrying.

Veronica Mars, on the other hand, is still in limbo. There is still a chance it could be canceled mid-way through this season. But, given that the CW already picked-up the lower-rated (and buzz-killing) show 7th Heaven, given the early cancellation of Runaway, and given decent ratings so far this year, VM has hope.

I looked over my TiVo Season Passes, and the only other show in the list are in any type of limbo is Friday Night Lights. I started watching it think “this will be just like the movie“. The first show way, but two subsequent shows were unexpectedly engaging. But, if it is canceled, I could easily pass time with the rest of my Season Passes. So I’m guess my coveted list of guaranteed entertainment and relaxation is safe, pending one announcement from the CW.

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