Flat Panel TV Mounted in Time for Super Bowl!

With the Super Bowl just hours away, I finished mounting my new Mitsubishi LT-46131 Flat Panel LCD TV. I’m only watching off-the-air HD right now as I have yet order a second HD satellite receiver. As is my history for all things related to home theater, I couldn’t simply sit it on the table or even mount it flat against the wall — I went all-out with a Chief PNR articulating arm mount with an in-wall PAC500 housing. Since those model numbers mean nothing to pretty much everyone (including myself a week ago) here are some pictures.

Please note: I still have some drywall work to do around the edge of the mounting box.

Mitsubishi LT-46131 Mounted with Chief PNR and PAC500 Picture 1

Mitsubishi LT-46131 Mounted with Chief PNR and PAC500 Picture 2

Mitsubishi LT-46131 Mounted with Chief PNR and PAC500 Picture 3

Mitsubishi LT-46131 Mounted with Chief PNR and PAC500 Picture 4

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  • TampaDude says:

    Sweet…our 46131 just sits on a TV stand in the living room. I like simple.

  • KNH says:

    Carlton did the majority of the install on this one, and I was very jealous. Cutting drywall, power tools…I was salivating to help. But I’m slow and tire very easily these days, so I focused on cleaning the rest of the house.

    Having the television mounted on the wall was a must. As an aside, there are three small kids in my extended family and two more on the way. It prevents mishaps such as pulling the TV off of the stand, injuring the child and the TV. I can attest that Sunday, three children under the age of 5 were running around and I had no safety concerns with the television.

    But the most important reasons are:
    (1) It looks clean. No components are showing (all are in the closet behind the TV- door is visible in the first pic). The television is a work of art with no visual clutter.
    (2) It adjusts to suit any viewing area. The room is very long, with three seating areas; with the adjustment arm, I can sit at the bar and enjoy the clear picture while I pour drinks and socialize.
    (3) It adjusts up and down with much more range than an unmounted TV. This way, if guests are standing or sitting, the television can be adjusted for the best viewing angle.

    Nice work!

  • Nathan says:

    That mount is frightening! Is there another room where people get poked in the eye when the TV is pushed back? 🙂 Anyway, I like the setup. By the way, how close do you normally sit to that TV?

  • KNH says:

    Nathan, the mount arms are collapsible and take up no more space than the wall when closed. A picture of the folding arms may help you visualize just how compact the articulation is — it folds up into a depth of 3 1/2 inches deep between the wall studs.

    You can look here to see how we determined ideal viewing distance, but our focus for this room was geared more toward usability than optimized viewing, so the chairs are a little too far back. We also view it from the bar (easily visible in one of the pictures).

    Happy viewing!

  • Eric says:

    Well done. Congrats

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