As are many mechanical engineers, I’m an automobile enthusiasts.  I do a tremendous amount of reading about cars, I do all my own routine maintenance and repairs, and I tend to purchase vehicles that I keep for a very long time.  Below is a list of the vehicles I currently own or previously owned and some information on each one.

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  • Chris McCloud says:

    I have a 1999 Boxster 2.5L tiptronic…just replaced all 4 O2 sensors so I can trade the car for another model…the car was running O.K. before…Had CEL for O2 sensors…car has 97,000 miles and I drive it alot…after swithing out the sensors it now is running bad …alot like when I replaced the battery and lost ECU seetings and it had to re-learn….I lost the article with the steps for resetting the ECU…I kind of remember going through some accelerator depressing and off-on key steps….The car now pops, misfires, no power, stalls like mixture is all wrong…have tried to un-hook battery and reset ECU …but it still is not looking like its re-learning like it did before…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…sorry for the lengthy explanation..

  • Rob Stahl says:

    Hey any chance you could have pluged the wrong o2 wire harness to the wrong o2 sensor. I once herd a story of a trns job go wrong. $7000.00 and two years later turnrd out to be some crossed o2 wires.

  • cayancela edison says:

    pasa que se me perdio el control de la tv “vizio” y no se donde coseguir por fabor donde adquiero ese control soy de quito

  • You mispelled many at the top of your /cars/ page. (Yes, that’s right, I’m a VIRGO, how’d ya know?) 🙂

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