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EngadgetHD LogoLate Saturday night I started noticing a few more comments than usual on my site. On Sunday, I received even more. Wondering what was going on, I logged into my Google Analytis account and found that the largest referrer to my site was engadgethd.com. Hmmm, now that’s something now. I figured I must have written something to warrant a post from them and found out I did. They’ve referenced that same post in a couple of other articles as well. Thanks to EngadgetHD for the link and for sharing info on when high def screen resolutions are important (and when they’re not).

Edit: My article is also mentioned in the podcast from that week.  Well, at least someone named “Carlton Babble or something” is.
For anyone curious, the result of the link was an increase in site traffic from an average of 1,200 page views/day to 21,000 page/views per day. There was also an increase in referrers from stumbleupon.com and del.icio.us as well, probably because of the EngadgetHD article. I’m not sure how word got out, but my best guess is that the article was first posted on digg.com, then was referenced on avsforum.com, and finally picked-up by EngadgetHD.com. Here is a graphical summary of the change in site traffic:

Web Statistics after being linked-to by EngadgetHD
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