Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds – Elliot Hall of Music – Purdue – West Lafayette (2003-04-03)

This was the second Dave & Tim show I’ve attended and clearly the best. I funded some college students semester when I purchased front row tickets off of Ebay, and it was worth every penny. I drove up to campus a few weeks before the show to pick-up the tickets in person — I wanted to make sure I had them in-hand.

The night of the show, I was supposed to have been attending an economics class that was part of my IU MBA program, but instead I skipped and went to Purdue University with my wife.

An amazing 3+ hour show. This is the best show I’ve attended of any DMB / D&T show. The crowd was very respectful, unlike the last D&T show in Louisville where everyone was in and out of their seats. I’m glad to alcohol was severed so that people were concentrating only on the show. A camera man was there some reason and provided some comic relief between songs and during as well. I was hoping for a concert DVD but that never happened. Every song was perfect and sitting in the center section in the front row was a very fortunate situation that made the performance even more surreal.

I felt like I was floating an inch above my seat the entire evening. The bliss of hearing these two guys play together was surreal. And they just kept playing and playing. Of all the concerts I’ve attended, this is #1 on my list and will likely always remain there.


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
April 3, 2003
Elliott Hall of Music – Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Grey Street
The Stone
Pay For What You Get
Don’t Drink the Water
Stay or Leave
Tripping Billies
Busted Stuff
Grace Is Gone
Letting Go ^
Jimi Thing …>
What Will Become of Me
The Maker
Where Are You Going
Lie In Our Graves
Long Black Veil
Kundalini Bonfire ^
When the World Ends
Cry Freedom ~
Two Step
Blue Water Baboon Farm (Tease) …>
Dancing Nancies

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