Below is a summary of many of the major events in my life. I’ve done my best to remember everything I can. This is kinda like a blog summary of major life event up to the present.

Year Date Event Category
1976 June My earliest memory. My parents brought my baby brother home from the hospital. I remember being in the den with my grandparents (on my mothers side) when they arrived. I ran outside to the passenger side of the car, crawled in over my mom, and kissed him on the head. General/Relationship
1978 Fall Started Kindergarten in Magnolia Elementary Education
1983 Summer Parents divorce General
1983 Fall Moved to a trailer at Sportsman Lake with my mom and brother General
1983 Fall Started 5th grade at Hodgenville Elementary School where my Dad taught Education
1984 Summer Moved to Elizabethtown, KY General
1984 Summer Mom remarried Relationship
1984 Fall Started 6th grade at Helmwood Heights Elementary Education
1985 Fall Started junior high school at T. K. Stone Middle School Education
1985 Fall Started playing the Trumpet, a beginners model made by Bach Music
1986 Summer My Dad’s mother died Bad
1986 Fall Started playing the Baritone, an old Besson model Music
1987 Summer Joined the EHS marching band and made some great friends including Kevin Colon and Nathan Hibbs among many others. Music
1987 Summer I started high school and Elizabethtown High School Education
1988 Spring Started playing a Yamaha YEP 321 Euphonium Music
1989 Spring Played my first solo in concert band. I believe the name of song was Malaguania, but maybe not. I still remember the melody. Music
1989 Summer I received my first car, a used 1985 Merkur XR4Ti, from my mom Automotive
1990 Spring I made fourth chair in the all district band Music
1990 Fall I had a solo in Marching band, the beginning of the song ‘Round Midnight Music
1991 Spring I made first chair in the all district band Music
1991 Spring I made second chair in the all state band, in the bigger of the two bands Music
1991 Fall Started school at the University of Louisville Speed Scientific School Education
1991 Fall Moved to Louisville. My roommate in Unitas towers was Troy Allen. I epoxied a Sprite can outside of our dorm room window — it was still there when I drove by 7 years later. Finally it was removed during building renovation. Location
1991 Fall Joined the University of Louisville Symphonic Band on a partial scholarship Music
1991 Spring Graduated from Elizabethtown High School Education
1991 Fall Both of my mom’s parents became very sick within the same week and nearly died (unrelated). Bad
1992 Spring Both of my mom’s parents were moved to nursing home and I was given power of attorney and took care of all of their financials. Bad
1992 Spring My mom’s mother died Bad
1992 Summer My mom’s father died Bad
1992 Fall Moved off of campus and got an apartment at Fountain Square. My roommates were Troy Allen, Bryan Willett, and Nathan Hibbs. Location
1992 Summer Stayed on campus but moved to a 4-person dorm/apartment in University Towers Apartments. My roommates were Troy Allen, Bryan Willett, and Robert Tool. An issue arose with toilet paper flying off of the 11th floor balcony. Bottle rockets were never confirmed. (Again, why?) Location
1992 Fall Auditioned for the Cavaliers Drum & Bugle corps. Music
1993 Summer Marched for the Cavaliers Drum & Bugle corps. Toured the entire US in an old bus and slept on a lot of different gym floors. Music
1993 Fall Moved back to Louisville to the same apartment at Fountain Square. My roommates were Troy Allen, Nathan Hibbs, David Phy (fall) Location
1993 Fall My friend and former roommate Troy Allen was married Relationship
1994 Spring Moved to Mt. Vernon, IN for my first co-op at GE Plastics in the Lexan Maintenance group, there was no one else in my group Location Employment
1994 Summer Moved back to Fountain Square apartments in Louisville with roommates Rodney ???, Anthony Erwin, and Doug Childs Location
1994 Fall Moved back to Mt. Vernon, GE Plastics to work in CPP Finishing with Peter Mercure, Henry Teller, and Chad ???. Lived in the multi-level apartment/house above Posey County Reality with 4 other roommates. It started with my roommates being myself, Jason, Alex, Trisha Robinson, and Cathy Charles. Trisha and Cathy moved out and parted ways and Mike Brickner moved in, making him the final roommate. Location Employment
1995 Spring Back to Louisville, North of campus at 529 Denmark Street. My roommates were Nathan Hibbs and Jason ??? Location
1995 Spring Played the euphonium for the last time. Played with the Symphony Band for the last time. My last concert. Music
1995 Summer Back to Mt Vernon to work in Environmental Engineering with Amber Cissell and Matt ???. My roommate was Peter Mercure. Location Employment
1995 Summer I purchased my second car, a used 1990 Acura Integra GS Automotive
1995 Fall Moved back to Louisville to the Overlook Apartments, 3021 Running Deere Circle. My roommate was Don Scott Carpenter. Location
1995 Fall I started working at the RL Craig Company doing HVAC job bid specifications Employment
1996 Spring Started SAE Mini-Baja: Kelley Brooks, Rodney Ewing, Jerry, Mike Ekbundit, Mike ???. Baja
1996 Spring Graduated from University of Louisville with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, started MS degree. Education
1996 Fall Became the graduate research assistant at University of Louisville for the Columbus Gas Boring Tool project Employment
1996 Fall Moved to a house south of campus located at 529 Denmark Street. My roommate was Chad Pruitt. Location
1996 Fall DMB concert in Lexington, KY with Doug Childs: December 7, 1996 DMB
1997 Spring Became the Mechanical Engineering Lab computer system administrator Employment
1997? Spring My Dad’s father died Bad
1997 Spring SAE mini-baja: Jeff Schutte, Jerry Elderidge, Brian Fields, Charles Haskins, Paul Newsom Baja
1997 Spring Baja the cat found me Relationship
1997 Spring Graduated with my MS in Mechanical Engineering Education
1997 Summer Missed DMB concert at DeerCreek; had tickets: June 28, 1997 DMB
1997 Summer Finished up all of my employment in Louisville Employment
1997 August 1 Started work at Cummins in the Alternative Fuels Service Engineering group Employment
1997 Summer Moved to Briarwood apartment in Columbus, IN. Roommate: Jeff Schutte Location
1997 Summer My longtime friend Kevin Colon married Relationship
1997 Summer Dad remarried to Delores Crump Relationship
1998 Spring SAE mini-baja: Ken Sanders, Steven Muncie, Kevin Crabtree Baja
1998 Spring Purchased my first house in Columbus, Indiana. My roommates were Jeff Schutte and Chris Harlow Location
1998 Summer Purchased my third car, a new Porsche Boxster Automotive
1998 Summer Met my wife-to-be Nicole Harter at a Joe Guitarskie party in Columbus, Indiana Relationship
1998 Summer Friend and former roommate Chad Pruitt married Relationship
1998 Summer DMB at DeerCreek w/ Brandon – August 8, 1998 DMB
1998 Summer DMB at DeerCreek w/ Chris Harlow: August 9, 1998 DMB
1999 Spring SAE mini-baja: Ken Sanders, Chris Harlow Baja
1999 Spring Dave and Tim at Palace Theater in Louisville. Attended with Chris Harlow. Surreal February 19, 1999 DMB
1999 Summer DMB at Deer Creek – June 23, 1999 with NJE DMB
1999 Summer DMB at Deer Creek – June 24, 1999 with CBH DMB
1999 June 1 Moved to the Future Product development engineering group at Cummins Employment
1999 Fall First started dating my wife-to-be Nicole Relationship
2000 Spring SAE mini-baja: Ken Sanders, Jared Walters Baja
2000 Spring My longtime friend and former roommate Bryan Willett was married Relationship
2000 Summer My dad moved from the house in which I had know him to live all of my life. Location
2000 Summer DMB at DeerCreek – June 23, 2000 with KNH DMB
2000 Summer Last 2 nights of DMB at DeerCreek – June 24, 2000 with group including KNH and CBH DMB
2000 Spring Purchased a Sigma DR35 Acoustic Guitar to learn how to play a new instrument Music
2001 Spring SAE mini-baja: Ken Sanders, Jared, Robbie Baja
2001 June 15 Moved to the B-Engine future product service engineering group at Cummins Employment
2001 Fall I got married to my perfect match, Nicole Harter Relationship
2001 Fall DM solo – Farm Aid September 29, 2001 DMB
2001 Fall Nicole sold her house and moved in with me Location
2002 Spring No more mini-baja Baja
2002 Spring Jeff Schutte was married Relationship
2002 Summer New baja team from the FSAE team. No involvement from me at all. Baja
2002 Summer Nicole and I attended concert in Cincinnati, didn’t like the venue DMB
2002 Summer Nicole and I attended concert in Indianapolis, much better. DMB
2002 Summer I started MBA at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Education
2002 Aug 1 Moved to the Aftermarket Engineering group at Cummins Employment
2003 Spring My longtime friend and former roommate Chris Harlow marries my wife’s sister Wendy Harter Relationship
2003 Spring Front row seats, center section at the Dave and Tim concert. Wow! Best show I’ve attended. DMB
2003 Summer Attended concert with Nicole and the Willetts. I had a little too much to drink before the show. First time ever at a concert. DMB
2003 Fall Purchased my forth car, a new Infiniti G35 Sedan Automotive
2003 Entire Year Nothing much to report except tons of studying and work. How unfortunate it was such an uneventful year. Education
2004 March Nicole and I sold our house in Columbus and moved in with her parents because the offer on the downtown condo we had hoped to move into fell through. Location
2004 June Nicole and I purchased our house in Indianapolis and moved in. Location
2004 June Concert at Verizon Wireless Deere Creek with KNH. Best show since June 23, 2000. I was beginning have doubts but I was wrong. DMB
2004 July I traveled to China as part of a MBA consulting program Education
2005 May I finished my MBA Education
2005 August I’ve started a new job within the Cummins Distributor Performance group Employment
2007 February I sold my 1990 Acura Integra to long-time friend Jacob Rudge Automotive
2007 February 14 My step-father, Harold Parkison, passed away. Bad
2007 August My daughter Ainsley Elaine was born Relationship
2007 August Still kept going to DMB concerts every year, but ran out of time to keep track of them DMB
2010 August Completed my first triathlon (TriIndy Olympic distance) General
2011 July Started my job as Director – Customer Support (International Service Leader) Employment
2013 January Started my job as Director – Customer Support (Service Knowledge Delivery) Employment
2013 July Completed my first Ironman distance triathlon (Challenge Roth in Roth, Germany) General


  1. Carlton,
    Why don’t you list the day you lost your virginity? Isn’t that one of the most major events in every young man’s life? Did you lose it while listening to Genesis?
    Your readers want to know!

  2. Carlton,
    that’s very amazing you have documented your major moves in life.
    @ Jason that’s a stupid response, and cheap.
    I hope you stay fit , healthy and happy.

    good wishes .
    Mani S

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